Home-based businesses are starting to boom nowadays. The good thing about this is that you don’t necessarily need a vast amount of money to invest to start your business and what’s more impressive is that you can use your creativity as a tool for you to profit. Here are some small business opportunities for those who have a creative mind.


Crafting is a fantastic hobby, and if you have a knack for it, why not turn your hobby into a money making activity? The trick here is having a reasonable source of supplies, the time and dedication to make your goods without burning yourself out, and pricing them accordingly to sell.

Once you have all the craft items on hand, you can now start finding the market for you to sell your crafted products.


Jewelry is another cheap businesses to get into nowadays. It never gets outdated, and you can quickly sell it as long as you have the correct avenue to market them. Many people like to purchase jewelry specifically handcrafted ones because of the design and details put into it.

Once you have decided on what kind of jewelry you want to sell, you can find many options to market them like online shops, in-home shows, retail shops or craft fairs. You can even put up your e-commerce website!


Web and Graphic Design

Though considered as a technical field, website creation and graphics requires creativity and artistic elements. Many freelancers and businesses are now going online to advertise and promote themselves. Web and graphic designing is an internet-based job, so most likely, you can find clients in different parts of the world in the comforts of your home.


There are many ways for you to make money, and one of this is writing. If you’re creative with words and have an imagination like that of J.K. Rowling, then you might want to start writing. This kind of home-based business can give you the freedom for artistic expression such as fictional writing.

Selling a book before could have been hard, as you needed to have an agent and a publisher. However, today self-publishing is more affordable and more accessible. Blogging is another good way to have control of your writing wherein you can choose any topic that piques you. However, it should also be something that other people want to know.

If you’re looking for more information, you can check this blog to find out more about opportunities that can help you.


There’s a possibility to make a profit out of creativity. However, being creative alone is not enough for you to succeed. It would be best if you learned how to run a business and how to market them. Aside from this, you should also have the determination and the guts for you to earn those dollars. Let those creative juices flow out and have fun!