The bridal bouquet plays a great role in enhancing the bride’s look. Because it is a traditional item, the bouquet has a special role to bring a greater touch of romanticism.

The bridal bouquet has a very interesting symbology of blessing for the bride and groom. Beyond this significance, the bouquet also acts as a symbol of thanks to the guests. For this reason, the bride throws the bouquet at the end of the wedding to return the vows of happiness. In conclusion, tradition promises that the one who takes the bridal bouquet will be the next to get married.

Thinking about this important moment, we have come up with 3 tips to choose ideal bridal bouquets.

bridal bouquetsThe bouquet and the wedding dress

The bridal bouquet must be in total harmony with the dress. That is, if your dress is classic, the bouquet needs to accompany this style. If your dress is more relaxed or stripped, the bridal bouquet may have a more rustic feel.

The length of the dress should also be taken into consideration when choosing the final bouquet. As such, long-tailed or veiled dresses match long bridal bouquets, while straighter dresses match rounded designs.

Bridal bouquet and the party

Every wedding has a predominant color in the decoration items and even in the groomsmen’s clothes. In turn, this color or shade should also be present in the color of the bouquet. The colors of all elements of the party should be in tune with the look to be more beautiful.

Apart from color, the style of the party itself should be analyzed before choosing the bridal bouquet. If your party is at church, the bouquet should look more elegant and discreet. Already in outdoor weddings, the rustic bouquet is indispensable to compose the look.

The bouquet and the flowers

Flowers are the most important elements to make up the bridal bouquet. Brides have a choice of both artificial and natural flowers. However, most brides opt for natural flowers to bring this symbolic item to life. If this is your case, research the flowers of the season you are planning to get married so that the bridal bouquet looks stunning without spending a lot of nonsense, as seasonal flowers are often cheaper.