Did you know that a consumer is likely to spend 31% more on a product that is backed up with positive reviews? And that 40% of the customer of a product could be driven away by just one negative review? Interesting or not, the statistics reveal how much a review matters in making or breaking a business. A study reveals that for every star rating, there is an average increase of 5-9% in the business revenues. And that 57% of the potential customers do not trust a product unless it has received at least four stars.

Impacts of reviews on business:

People throughout the world have been trusting on google opinie while deciding on what to eat, where to travel, what to wear, what gadgets to buy and where to eat. It’s the reviews that have made its own value in the market more than the product or service itself.

Positive impacts of reviews:

  • Positive reviews help in building up a business stronger as it can magically impact the number of customers for the product.
  • Even the negative reviews act as the alarm bell for the manufacturers and compel them to produce better quality products
  • It encourages healthy competition among the companies producing the same products for even a single negative review is as dear as loss of at least 30 customers.

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The negative impact of reviews:

  • It is seen that customers usually hesitate in buying goods that have got no review, hence having a negative impact on the business
  • While one negative review equals a loss of 22% of the customers, three consecutive negative reviews equal loss of 59% customers.

Reviews in Google My Business:

  • An innovative commercial product brought to the sellers by Google that allows the business owners & the organisations to present themselves all over the globe
  • Google My Business provides a platform especially meant for the feedback, suggestions, and discussions for the features we use.
  • It also helps the businessman engage with their customers directly.
  • It is often seen that 70% of the customers leave reviews simply when they are asked to leave one. Google My Business always asks for one.

Reviews play an important role in building a business. Each customer shares at least one valuable advice to improve the product quality with an honest review. Hence, customer reviews should be taken seriously by the entrepreneurs if they really want to make it. After all, it’s nobody’s but their choice whether they want to make it or break it.