Matching shirt, suit and tie are the important factor to keep in mind. This matching is done through the use of colors and the combo should have sense. There are three things to keep in mind. They are

  • Contrast – When you are searching for the suit and the matching shirt and tie, you need to understand that it is important to get one that has contrast color. The color contrast must be a good combo between shirt, tie and suit. Examples of combo are light shirt, dark suit, light tie or dark shirt, light suit, dark tie. This combination has to be taken into mind while choosing a suit.
  • Avoid color that is too close to your skin tone – When you get a suit that is same as your skin tone, it will make you appear pale and wash out from the appearance. While choosing any kind of dress, you need to choose one that fits your skin tone.
  • Avoid tonal outfits – It is important to stay away from outfits that are being same color or having close value for color. This will not look good and can make a kind of terrible appearance. This also makes you look immature with the uniform color from top to bottom.

navy suit color styles

If same color or close to color value should not be chosen, then how we can mix match the colors? There are few things that can help you choose a suit with suitable color combo. We will check out those guides over here. Once you get through this point, you will be able to figure out any color combination.

  • Here we are discussing the color; we are not illustrating any kind of accuracy or level of formality. Color combination has to be analyzed based on the warm and cool nature family. You need to understand the color family to finalize a structure.
  • While buying a color combo, it is our risk to find the combination of colors. All combination is not predefined, few need to be imagined and chosen. Use your imagination to put all the wardrobe collection together.
  • After finalizing your imagination, you need to experiment before dressing out. Open your closet and start putting different combo together like blue suit with light color shades of shirt and tie. Then experiment with trial through the entire color combo before finalizing. This is easier than you think.

Whatever you choose, it is important to get the right color combination. For that contrast is the main key. Keep it in mind to get the better result.