Bitcoin, a well-known digital currency, was created by a mysterious man named Satoshi Nakamoto. He intended to make a digital, untraceable currency to carry out many types of private business transactions. Due to this currency’s untraceable property, nowadays, it has caught an eye of hackers, secret organizations and many registered legal businesses too.

bitcoin account

How to buy bitcoins?

As now bitcoins are permissive in most regions of the world, people consider it to be a good way for investment. To buy bitcoins, first, a bitcoin wallet is needed. For some legal restrictions, the account provider site might ask for credentials to verify you. Once the account is set, you have to search for a buyer willing to sell his bitcoins. Many buyers have their own verification and payment needs too. Once you find the buyer suitable for you, start a request for a trade, complete the formalities and just pay. The bitcoins are escrowed in your bitcoin account within 60 minutes. But most of the time, only 2 minutes are needed.

Transferring Bitcoins.

Once you manage to buy bitcoins, they can be used for investment or to perform payments. Either way, there will be a need to send or receive bitcoins. To send bitcoins, you need to first create a secret key or a link addressed to your bitcoin account. The receiver will do that too. Then the receiver will send that link to you. The transfer bitcoin screen will show you two important dialogue boxes asking you for the receiver’s address and amount to transfer. Paste the link the receiver sent you in the receiver’s address dialogue box and then the amount to transfer. Then just click the “Send bitcoins” button.