Lie detectors do exactly what their names imply; they help to detect if someone is telling the truth or lying. The lie detectors made today are accurate by up to 98%, which means they can go a long way in helping to detect if the subject is lying or not. Over the years, lie detector test results have become integral parts of many government activities, including government recruitment exercises.  Several other establishments also insist that their employees take the lie detector tests before being employed.  Due to the high degree of accuracy, the lie detector test can reveal if the subject is lying or not.

https://www.liedetectortest.ukDespite the high level of accuracy recorded in lie detector test results, it is still not admissible in the court of law as evidence.  This is understandable anyway, considering the fact that many professional criminals have device methods to beat the lie detector and appear innocent of the charges against them. Also, the real innocent and honest people may find it difficult to control their anxiety while going through the lie detector test, especially if it is their first time.  Consequently, the honest person will be adjudged as being guilty by the lie detector.

Anyone can buy a lie detector machine since it is sold on the open market. However, not just anyone can operate the machine; you need to be a qualified and fully trained examiner before you can successfully operate the machine. If not, you will never get an accurate result from the polygraph.  If you are not a trained examiner, then you need to hire one that can help to operate the lie detector machine for your organization. You can get more information about the lie detector and its various applications by checking

There is no point in even buying a lie detector machine if you do not know how to operate or have the wherewithal to operate it. In fact, studies show that those who condemn the lie detector test results and label it as being unreliable are only considering results produced by unqualified and inexperienced examiners. Before anyone can be a qualified examiner, such a person must be a good communicator and a professional analyst. Aside from possessing all the qualifications required in an examiner, the examiner also needs to properly prepare for the test before the tests takes place so that the result obtained can be accurate.  Only accurate results are reliable for any purpose for which the lie detector is used