This article will tell you about the working of the phone signal booster. Mobile phones are widely used devices all around the world. The poor signals can make the conversation unhappy and it can be a real disaster.

In this busy world, people want to communicate with others regardless of the time and their location. They want to reach other people at the other end quickly and easily. If there is no possibility of this situation, it feels like an empty life. In this point, a mobile signal booster comes into existence.

Working of a cellular signal booster:

Its working is pretty simple and your phone communicates with tower with the help of radiofrequency (RF) signals.

  • The booster detects and collects the weak signals which are tough for your phone to detect.
  • It also helps to avoid various obstacles that dim or weak signals.
  • The weak signals are amplified and are made to a useable level.
  • The amplifying signals used by your phone or other cellular device are broadcasted to the interior space.

And this process is reversed when a signal is transmitted back to the tower from your mobile phone. The regular mobile signal booster or amplifier itself features some of the components that include a cell signal booster box, two antennas, cables, and a power supply.

A vodafone booster system consists of three components namely,

  • Outside antenna – This antenna is mounted on the external unit and is communicated with the cell phone tower.
  • Booster unit – This device boosts or amplifies the faint signals and it is fixed in storage space.
  • Inside antenna – This antenna is placed inside a building or on ceiling of the space in order to distribute the amplified signal to that space which can be used by cellular devices.

Steps involved in the working of a cellular signal booster:signal booster

  1. At first, the antenna which is in outside catches the faint signals.
  2. Then, the signals that are caught by antenna is sent to booster box of the mobile signal.
  3. In this step, the signal is boosted or amplified by booster.
  4. After that, the signals which or which are amplified is sent to an antenna that is inside the building.
  5. In the final step, the signals that can be used are transmitted to your mobile phone.

Nonetheless, despite their differences, every booster devices follow the same operating principle.