The Valve platform offers mobile device users a unique opportunity to enjoy any game in their library with the convenience of the smartphone.

Surely, you have ever wondered how comfortable it would be to enjoy your extensive Steam games library with the convenience of portable platforms. Although for now, Valve seems reluctant to enter the notebook market, we have interesting alternatives.

Playing GTAV on Mobile

The most striking and protagonist of the next lines are without a doubt Steam Link. This service and that was already available through a peripheral under the same name allowed us to have the Steam library on the TV, thanks to streaming games like gta 5 mobile. A great idea, but limited in possibilities.

For a few days, we can perform the same function on the mobile, thus expanding the range of possibilities and incidentally, portability. Steam Link is now available for Android devices and trusts me, it is probably going to become one of those apps too which you will dedicate several minutes a day.

Of course, you must keep in mind that Steam Link almost inevitably requires a command. Thanks to the command, we can enjoy a greater range of video games, without going further aforementioned Grand Theft Auto V among others. Our next step, once the gamepad is connected, will be to locate the computer with our platform account in its desktop version in the Steam Link mobile application.

gta v android

Once you have everything, you will have your application ready to run any videogame from the library on your mobile. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that to avoid cuts in the game or annoying pixels, Steam Link requires a good Internet connection. Without that, it will look complicated or somehow, impossible to “move” any game without constant cuts.

In short, Steam Link is an app that you take for granted you have a PC that moves any game with relative fluency (regardless of the graphic parameters chosen) and you have a mobile with a screen with an acceptable size, it is presented as an indispensable app for Any computer player. Few will be the ones who resist trying fast game titles such as Rocket League or Street Fighter V on their smartphone with the comfort that a sofa or bed can guarantee.

Hope this post helps! Now when you know the ways, feel free to enjoy this wonderful game anytime, anywhere!