Cebu, a part of the Philippines located in Central Visayas, often called as the queen city of the south, popular for its lechon (suckling pig), puso (hanging rice) and Sinulog held every 3rd week of January on a Sunday (you’re welcome). If there’s someplace in the Philippines that has fully embraced its island culture, that is Cebu and if you ever plan to visit the Philippines, its one of the destinations that you shouldn’t pass out on (unless you have a valid excuse).

It’s a fun place to be in that caters to various people’s needs, wants and preferences. In all the places in the Philippines, its a place that can offer everything that the Philippines can to offer in one place. It’s even safe to say that you don’t even have to experience Luzon or Mindanao.

Things to know: Cebu city is different from the entire Cebu area, take the nearest ones as an example. There are common places that people go to in the city. The first place that you visit is Lapu Lapu city which is where the airport is. Before you can go to the actual Cebu city you have to pass through Mandaue city. So when you’re there be specific on where you plan to go.

Have a mobile internet ready: If you plan to explore Cebu as a whole its easy to get lost. Even people that just spent a year in Cebu still can’t fully master every place around it. So if you’re there for a week or two weeks for a vacation, it’s always handy to have a mobile internet with you for means to have a quick research and GPS (very important). The last thing you want to have is to get lost.

cheap hotelsThere are Cebu hotels that cater to various budgets: What you should know is that there are some really good cebu hotels around. What most people do know is that there are actually cheaper hotels even in the city, you just need to do some research. There are travel and tour sites that give you the best deals for the best prices on those, and those are what you need to look for. But if you’re going to visit Cebu on special days like Sinulog and other special days, expect that the rates will go higher.

There’s a good reason why Cebu is considered as the queen city of the south and that is because there are a lot of things that Cebu can offer you. If you love Filipino food, the music scene, its sights, its malling culture and so on, Cebu can offer all of that to you.