If you have a plan in moving your WordPress website to a different server or location, just you want a new and fresh hosting company, you probably know the risks involved in it, as well as the hassle and the great effort that you should exert in migrating a website to a new server knowing that you may lose some data and you will have a downtime as well.

Both risks will surely turn your website inaccessible temporarily for site visitors and for search engines to include in its search list, that will hamper your progress especially if that site is for your business and you are seeking some better search engine rankings.

However, there is no need to worry about WordPress Migration considering that there are a lot of holistic ways to prevent any down times and data losses during the entire intricate process. In this article, let us discuss some very important tips to provide you the smoothest way in migrating your WordPress website to a new hosting server.

Migrating a WordPress site from one host to another, the first step that you should take is to determine your WordPress website’s hosting companies that offer free migration service, or else you will pay a hefty price if you do not be more careful about this because you are too confident that you ignore checking it out which might not be listed on the host server’s website. However, most host servers offer this for free or some may charge a small fee to its clients.

Having said that, you should take a peek at the important steps that you should be following in migrating your WordPress to a new host server, of course, without any downtime.

  • Choose a new WordPress Host
  • Set your duplicator plugin up to have an easier migration
  • Start importing your WordPress website to the new host server
  • To prevent downtime, change the host’s file
  • Create a new MySQL database for your new host
  • Your website migration script should be running a duplicator
  • Your domain name server should be updated at this time
  • Check out the FAQS of your WordPress’ new host

The first essential step you should do is to choose the host server for your impending migration. Do not get stuck with a slow web host even you just had to optimize your WordPress’ speed and its performance. Choose a host server that is capable of handling your traffic which is consistently growing by the numbers.

Wordpress OptimizationThe second step you should be taking after choosing a web host server is to set up a duplicator for an easier migration by installing and activating the free duplicator plugin on the site that you wished to be moved.

Once you are done duplicating the WordPress site, you should be starting to import it by uploading all the archives, installer files, and other important stuff from your WordPress site to the new host server.

The next step is to officially change the host’s file to prevent any downtime on your site right after you successfully uploaded both files to your new host. This time, you should be needing access to the installer.php file in a browser in order for you to get started.

Before you migrate your WordPress site, make sure that you were able to run WordPress Maintenance to prevent any data losses and downtime as well.