Recently, the American Academy of Audiology have stated that hearing loss is the third most common health condition in U.S. Succeeding heart disease and arthritis, hearing loss problem has become a huge threatening factor in the current world. In addition, the Hearing Health Foundation has estimated that there are many Americans with hearing problem. It has exceeded those of the people affected with the diseases including Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, and Diabetes combined.

Nowadays, the usage of hearing aids has been increased. In a recent survey, it has been calculated that only 20 percent of the people were using the hearing aids. There are many inculcated benefits of using the hearing aids. Here are the enlisted benefits of using the hearing aids.

Increased earning power

Have you ever heard that using hearing aid increases your earning power? Yes, using the hearing aids might help them in increasing their earning capacity. According to the Better Hearing Institute’s research, untreated hearing loss reduces the annual earning capacity of the individual.  The study also found that correcting the hearing loss using aids helps in reducing the risk into half. Around 90 percent of the people around the world has mild hearing loss and 70 percent of the people has moderate-to-severe hearing loss.

using hearing aid

Slow cognitive decline

Many studies have been linking the untreated hearing loss with increased risk in cognitive functioning. University of Pennsylvania has found that reduced hearing loss can accelerate the auditory areas in the brain. It makes speech understanding more difficult. But, another good news accompanied with the research is that using hearing loss aids helps in reducing the risk of atrophy with increased hearing ability. The new ongoing research supports in treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids. It helps in slowing down the cognitive decline associated with the hearing loss.

Reduces Tinnitus annoyance

Almost 50 million American experience a ticking noise in their ears. It is the scenario of tinnitus. In rare cases, it results in hearing loss. Using the perfectly fit hearing aids helps in reducing the tinnitus annoyance in the person. Wearing proper hearing aids also helps in reducing the stress related to tinnitus.

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