Many people are not aware that the women will be greatly affected by overweight rather than man. Hence the women must make sure to follow the right eating habits in order to maintain their body weight. Excess body weight in women will lead to several medical disorders and put them into great stress than they sound to be. Some of the problems which are caused because of the overweight in women are revealed in this article. This discussion would act as a great awareness for women who are least cared about their body weight.

Hormonal changes

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about the obesity in women is the hormonal changes. Especially their menopause will get affected to a greater extent. In the recent days many women are severely affected because of PCOD which is the result of their over weight gain. The other important thing is this will also increase the secretion of stress hormone to a greater extent.

Cardiac diseases

The cardiac diseases will also be more common among the women who tend to have obesity. The most unfortunate thing is the risks and complications in these cases will be higher than other cases. Hence women should never be least cared about their body weight. They must make use of the best weight loss program to concentrate on their health. The following linkĀ will greatly help the women who are seeking for the best weight loss solution. With the help of weight loss program they can take care of their health and can also have an attractive physique. The most important thing is by following the right weight loss program they can avoid getting exposed to side effects.

www.thedoctorblog.comPregnancy issues

According to the recent survey day by day the number of women getting affected because of pregnancy issues is highly increasing. One of the major reasons pointed out in many cases is their body weight. As mentioned above, obesity affects their hormonal levels and tends to cause a great issue in their pregnancy. They are also getting affected because of infertility. The pregnancy complications not only affect their health but also it affects the infant. Hence the women who are pregnant must make sure to maintain proper body weight. They can also consult the experts to get better advice over their pregnancy weight. This will let them to avoid complications at the time of delivery.