Strategy games are very famous these days because it involves a lot of thinking and stimulates you to work properly. When there are higher stakes involved, you get better at dealing with the requirements and you also get better at planning. It stimulates the mind.

But newbies are quite prone to mistakes. In order for you to not have any issues in creating the required foundation for the town, such mistakes need to be taken cared of properly. It’s common to take your time exploring. But it’ll be difficult if you are not prepared. You must remember that an attack can come at any time. Being prepared is the key. Learning about the mistakes can help you avoid them easily and guarantees you won’t do them again.

The misconception about leveling up too many commanders

Leveling up too many commanders at the same time will be very difficult for your troops. It’s better to focus on leveling up at least two, one primary commander and one secondary commander. When your commanders level up, this will also boost the strength of your troops and this will be very helpful in battle. You need to understand the specifics of leveling commanders up when playing riseofkingdoms.

Keeping the queues idle

When the queues are not doing anything, you should get them to work. If you’re not lacking any of the resources, you need to keep the town moving. If not, it will take time. And you might have difficulties especially when you have a need for it.


Not joining the alliance

You might be lazy to join an alliance or you might feel that this isn’t necessary but this is actually essential. When you’re not strong enough yet and you haven’t build everything essential, you will need the help of other people and stronger nations. It will be useful if you have this type of alliance to help you.

Not doing the right activities at the right time

It’s good to upgrade what you can. After all, these things are necessary to increase the fortifications and the other aspects of your town. But if you focus on other things, you can’t focus on the city hall. The city hall should level up first before you start upgrading the other buildings.

Spending your resource tokens

As much as you like seeing the number of resources go up, it’s important to protect them as well. Resource tokens are used to buy resources to build armies and towns. And it’s a good thing to see your storage properly stocked. But it’s also not so smart, especially when you aren’t using it. When other towns attack, they can also see your resource stock and raid them. You won’t be able to protect it.