Do you face the issue or bugs in your IT application or software? Then take help from the software testing companies to improve the quality of your application. Finding a reliable and trusted software company is a very difficult and hard task to complete. But if you need help for finding the software testing companies, then you can visit for more detail. This will help you in finding the right software testing company for improving the quality of your application and software. For fixing the bugs and issue in the software, it is necessary that you will take help or advantage of the Software Testing Companies which use both manual and automatic testing services and many other services for improving the quality of an application.

Software Companies

  • DeviQA: software testing company with 10 years of experience. This is a leading company because of the positive customer reviews and rating at Clutch and GoodFirms. They have 3 different types of cooperation models which are dedicated team, time and materials, fixed price for the project they handle. QArea has various software testing services, which are Automated Testing, Mobile Automation testing, and QA Outsourcing.
  • Cigniti: This            Company is an independent company for software testing, and they           also develop their smart tools which are predicting quality            methodology for increasing the productivity and reducing the cost of bad quality. It is founded in the year of 2004 with current         employees of 250 to 999. They provide the various types of software   testing services, which include the Next Generation Testing, Digital Assurance, Quality Assurance, and Quality Engineering, etc.
  • BugRaptors:          This Company is located in India, but they provide their software     testing services in all over the world clients. BugRaptors software         testing services are Standardized QA Services, Specialized QA           Services, Test Consultation Services, and Automation testing Services, etc. Many big companies take advantage of BugRaptors  because they provide high-quality service at a low cost.
  • Abstracta:  This Company is well-known for this own mobile testing with their   own tools which are Monkop and GXtest. Abstracta founded in the year of 2008 and headquarters in the US with offices in the UK and Uruguay. Their software testing services are testing Consulting, Testing Services, and Nearshore testing, etc. They have major             clients from all around the world, which are Verifone, PayGroup,             Moove-It, CPG Soft, BBVA and Benefits Cosmetics, etc.
  • QArea: This            is one of most experience software testing company in the world with         over 18 years of experience. There are many different types of       companies which take the help of this company for increasing productivity and digitize their business with a software solution. QArea also provides the services of software development and manual, automated software testing services.