XDS is a bicycle company and they have been able to come up with electrical bikes. When you think of taking an XDS bike out into the rough terrain and as you do that, you want to keep track of your cycling statistics such as average speed, top speed and total distance covered, then the E-RUPT GS MTB BLACK is definitely the bike that you want to have around you. The E-RUPT comes with the mid-drive advantage. The mid-drive system is excellent for out-putting large amounts of torque. This is efficient when riding through tough terrain such as climbing hills. Instead of the ordinary technology of powering one wheel whether the front or back, the mid-drive allows for a single speed conventional hub motor. This makes you take advantage of the bikes drivetrain and amplifies your power seamlessly.

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Lifestyle advantages

This Xds bikes also comes with an LCD display that keeps track of your ride statistics. This is important especially when working out and you need to cover a certain distance. You can also cycle through 5 levels of power assist, with the higher numbers providing more motor assistance during peddling. The E-RUPT also comes with a lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery that powers your LCD display. The 36v 2900mAh keeps you going and you are ensured that you the bike is always powered. The battery has also undergone international testing hence it is safe to use.

Latest Resolutions

For a great ride, you need unparalleled stopping power for all those downhill moments and sharp bends. That is why this XDS bike E-RUPT comes fitted with hydraulic disc brakes instead of the traditional mechanical ones. The discs let you experience stopping power on a whole new level. This comes in handy when you absolutely need a quick stop, this Xds bicycle will not let you down. The tires are also 27.5 inch in diameter. This as opposed to the 26” ensures that you have a better handling in your terrain and fire roads.

Finally this bike is fitted with the XDS engineered X6 ultralight Aluminum Alloy. The composition of this frame just makes it lighter than those of many bicycles and it provides you with the highest quality and top-tier reliability. It also ensures that you spend less energy when cycling as less torque is required. The Shimano Deore 10 speed Drivetrain ensures consistency on whatever train you are on. Shifting of gears is made quicker and simple hence you do not have to worry about the drivetrain.

You ought to try out this bike. It is just a touch of class above.