A hacker can do so many things when he has hacked you’re your any account and its details and the below given are a few things that a person who has hacked c

  • A hacker can hack the username and passwords of all the websites in which you have an account in, no matter of the type of site it is.
  • He is also able to steal your money that is in your bank and how it possible is, since everything is based on the internet these days, there are more chances for him to steal your money. One can even open an account in any bank in your name and also can have a credit card.
  • He can use your credit card and spend your money as his own money. So that you have to pay his bills.
  • A hacker can change your Personal Identification Numbers, in short PINS and so making you not able to handle your own money.
  • He can make his own purchases and make you to settle his payment. That is he can use your money from your bank to buy his stuffs.
  • Last but not the least, he can sell your personal as well as bank details to other third parties and get money from it.

You may think that a hacker will hack only your bank details but the fact is he can hack anything as he wants. There are hackers who can hack only the fb accounts and passwords. People used to think that it is extremely useless to hack a social media account like facebook.


But what you have in your minds is totally wrong; in fb people are posting their personal details which are even helpful to hack their bank details. That is, it is not necessary for an individual to tell his date of birth to a stranger when he or she asks them. But almost everyone used to offer their birthdays in their fb account. Sometimes, personal phone number of one can also be taken from their fb account.

These details are more than enough for a hacker to hack your bank details. Even you can heck an fb account of anyone and if you are wishing to do it on a serious cause or just for fun, you can visit this link facedack.com and achieve what you have in your mind.