Italy Punto Banco Guide

Punto Banco is one of the most popular table games played by Italian players and this game can be found in many top rated online casinos. Other players may know this game as Baccarat, and it is a fast paced game that requires little skill. A number of players may at first be intimidated by the game because of the speed in which it is played, but after a few games, they will realise it is relatively easy game to learn and to play. Many online casinos will offer a free version of Punto Banco. This can help new players learn the rules of the game and will allow experienced players to develop some strategies that can be used when placing real money wagers at the tables. For most, Punto Banco is a high roller game, but there are many tables that support lower betting options so that all players can enjoy the action of the game.

Punto Banco can be played on two different types of table. The first resembles a blackjack table and this is common in many casinos. There are also kidney shaped tables that are poplar in European casinos and there are 12 numbered seats for players to sit at. When playing Punto Banco, the goal of the game is to bet on the winner of the hands being dealt. One hand is referred to as the Player and the other is the Baker. Cared will be dealt to both hands and the winner will be the one that has the closest total to the number nine. Both table versions follow the same rules, the only difference is how the table is laid out.

When playing Punto Banco, there are three bets that can be placed. Players can bet on the banker, player or a tie. When choosing the Player, players will place their bet in the appropriate spot on the table and the same is true for the banker and tie bets. When all bets have been placed, the cards will be dealt. Players will not play any of the cards. The cards are valued at face value for all cards between 1 and 9. Tens and all face cards are worth zero. The hand that has the closest value to nine will be declared the winner and all bets will be paid out.

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