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Mobile gambling has become one of the most popular ways for Italian players to stay connected with their favourite casinos and enjoy real money gambling at any time With mobile casinos, players will enjoy leading titles that can offer impressive payouts, These mobile games are played just as they are in an online casino with the exception of how they are accessed. While most players will be familiar with some mobile casinos, the newest platform that is being used is HTML5. This was first introduced by Microgaming casinos and is now quickly replacing what most mobile casinos have offered in the past. This Java based system is accessed through any web browser, making it extremely beneficial to all players. With HTML5 casinos, players will not have to be concerned with the device they are using as the software is compatible with all devices. This means that any player can play on the go when they access a HTML5 casino site.

Another great benefit of playing in an HTML5 casino is the fact that there are many more games available. In traditional mobile casinos, players were limited to a small amount of games. At this time, Microgaming has released more than 40 slot games in HTML5 and also a number of table games. This is a massive increase to what mobile players were accustomed to. It is also one of the reasons that many other software providers have started to offer HTML5 games in lieu of standard mobile selections.

While Microgaming was the first to offer this technology, it was quickly adopted by Playtech casinos as well. Now, instead of having to visit an Android or iPhone casino, players can play at any HTML5 site no matter what device they are using. This opens up a whole new world for mobile gamblers and seeing as there are many more game selections available, it is a preferred choice for most Italian mobile gamblers.

With HTML5 casinos, players will enjoy top paying bonuses, tested games and high payouts. They will also always be able to connect with customer support at all times and will enjoy all the same services as if they were playing online. The new format of mobile gambling is HTML5 and in the near future, more and more mobile sites will be making the switch to this format so that all players can enjoy what is being offered.

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