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When it comes to gambling in Norway, there are very strict laws in place that players have to adhere to. These laws can affect how players access online casinos, so it is essential for players to have a grasp of the laws and know the consequences of gambling online. While there are a few land based casinos operating in Norway, there are no licensed online casinos that are located in the country. This means that layers will have to seek casino action elsewhere if they wish to enjoy the act of gambling online. Any gambling site that is operating in Norway is restricted to only offering sports betting so gamblers will have to find other sites that will meet their needs if they wish to lay casino games.

A law was passed in 2008 that prohibited players from gambling online. This law tries to block any foreign site from offering online poker and casino games. By law, residents of Norway are not allowed to access these sites. To enforce the law, the banks and financial institutions in Norway are not allowed to process any transactions to online casinos. This is similar to the laws in the US and players will have to find payment methods that they can use when accessing an off shore casino.

Even though there are strict paws and banking issues, players from Norway can still find some outstanding sites that will accept them as a real money player. As long as players have the ability to fund their casino accounts and make withdrawals when they win, they will find some casinos sites that cater to their needs. At this time, players who are playing online in off shore casinos are not prosecuted by law, even though the country has strictly prohibited online gambling by residents.

Residents of this country are hopeful that gambling laws will be revised. Since online sports betting is a legal activity, players are hoping that new laws will be passed to permit online gambling in casino sites. This will eliminate many problems these players face, but for now, they have to find off shore casinos that accept usable payment methods that do not include bank transfers, credit or debit cards. This can be a challenge for players, but it is possible and thousands from Norway are enjoying the action at leading off shore sites.

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