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Online gambling has become a popular pastime for many players all over the world and each country will have their own laws that pertain to how players can access casino sites and play real money games. For players who are residing in Sweden, there are many gambling options, but players should never enter an online casino until they are completely familiar with the current gambling laws. Some laws may restrict where players can play and how they access these casino games. In Sweden, the online gambling regulations are controlled by the Gaming Board of Sweden. Technically, online gambling is not an illegal activity in Sweden, but there is only one licensed operator in the country.

Under the current gambling laws, it is illegal for any unlicensed casino to be promoted and it is a criminal offence. The law was amended in 2002 to include online gambling, which allowed that one casino in Sweden to operate legally and offer players access to real money games online.

Even though there are some restrictions, they do not really apply to individual players. There are laws that prevent the advertising of online gambling in any site that is not located in Sweden. However, players are free to gamble at off shore sites that cater to their needs. When choosing an off shore online casinos, players from Sweden should ensure that the casino is in fact licensed and regulated and will offer the languages and currencies needed by these players to have a rewarding experience.

There are many online casinos that target Swedish players, so there are many options that are available. Some of the preferred sites are those that are powered by the most reliable software in the industry, namely Microgaming and Playtech. However, there are many other software providers that offer casino games that can safely be enjoyed for real money wagers and payouts. Swedish players just need to make sure they will have the ability to easily and safely manage their real money accounts when playing at any off shore casino site.

Since online gambling has become so popular, it is possible that laws will change in the near future, but at this time, there remains a single operator in Sweden. It is unclear of others will enter the market, but luckily, Swedish players can always resort to an off shore site for their needs.

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